Multicultural Arts Forum 2012 is a space for inclusive dialogue and networking for artists, arts workers, researchers and cultural policy decision-makers of all backgrounds. It's time to discuss and decide upon actions that would reap the benefit of the enormous untapped cultural resources in Australia’s most culturally diverse state, NSW.

Multicultural Arts Forum 2012 programme comprises keynotes, panel sessions, breakout groups, open sessions, showcase events and networking opportunities. The content of the forum has been structured under four umbrella panel sessions: Industry Development, Presentation Platforms & Diverse Programming, Audience Development and Arts Practice.  Breakout groups will follow each session to allow deeper analysis and discussion driven by specific questions and topics. Open sessions are an opportunity for forum attendees to present a project, case study or specific topic to a small group of attendees who will be able to pick the session of their choice on the day.

Industry Development:
The creative industries are evolving as a force in our global economy.  Diversity of cultures in the arts can help to generate high quality, strongly branded and exportable artistic products and create a viable, competitive advantage for Australian creative industries.  Are the creative industries in NSW taking advantage of the opportunity that multicultural artists and productions offer? This session seeks to address the economic advantages and social benefits of promoting and growing cultural diversity in the arts, with a focus on NSW. 

Presentation Platforms & Diverse Programming:
There is an urgent need to promote the diversification of artistic programming in NSW. How are artistic directors, presenters and industry leaders addressing culturally diverse programming?  How well does NSW arts scene reflect our multicultural society?  This session looks at current presentation platforms for culturally diverse arts & artistic programming practices in NSW and a snapshot of what might be happening around the country. 

Audience Development:
New South Wales is the most culturally diverse state in the country. What are the processes that artists, arts organisations and producers are implementing to develop diverse audiences? How can the arts engage with all communities and make their experience more meaningful, enjoyable and develop a sustainable interest? This session addresses these questions from four different perspectives:
-     Arts marketing
-     Culturally diversity in the media
-     The role of peak bodies and government policy
-     The role of artists and producers 

Arts Practice Panel:
It is an opportunity for artists, critical thinkers and researchers to present a paper or case study as part of a panel session. Arts Practice Panel focuses on how we create, discuss and define multicultural arts practice in relation to notions of transformation, identity and language in Australia. This session will be a presentation of papers or carefully considered ideas. Presenters are encouraged to submit on one of the five topics. Questions posed are only for the purpose of generating ideas and may connect to broader and other topics.

Open Sessions:
It is a platform for forum attendees to present a project, idea or specific topic to a small group of attendees who will be able to pick the session of their choice on the day. There is only one Presenter per group. It is an opportunity to discuss closely with others and to have your say on matters that are important to you.

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