This submission responds to the opportunities and challenges raised by the proposed goals, questions and potential directions, relevant to the CaLD arts sector, in the discussion paper. The comments and recommendations made are based on consultation undertaken through two sector forums produced by Groundswell Arts NSW in 2010 and 2012.

Groundswell's submission to the Australian Government's Creative Australia policy paper. 

Environmental Scan of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Artists, Arts Workers and Projects in NSW.Arts NSW engaged Mr Kim Hanna to undertake research to inform future arts policy development.

MAF 2012, held in April 2012, brought together over 180 artists, arts workers, policy-makers, arts leaders and critical thinkers from NSW and across Australia to share ideas, perspectives and experiences on how to reap the benefits of our culturally diverse arts.With 34 speakers, moderators and presenters and 20 performers, this forum exceeded expectations,presenting a diverse and inclusive range of approaches to cultural diversity in the arts. This report presents the main outcomes of the forum as well as a comprehensive evaluation of its results.

The forum examined how current policy barriers influence artists, cultural institutions, companies and organisations and highlights issues in regard to the provision of adequate and relevant opportunities for CALD arts in NSW and that there is no recognised peak agency for the sector by Government and the community in NSW.

This report from Groundswell is a starting point in creating dialogue that shapes and creates new directions, in both local and national policies and for examining ways in which the arts in a multicultural NSW can be further enhanced and promoted. The findings from this forum have highlighted that a holistic planning approach by individual local government authorities and organisations state wide is required to ensure that the arts in NSW respond positively to cultural diversity.